Commando Boat

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Description: In Commando Boat, it is time to show off your commando skills on the river! Jump in your boat and show us how long you can survive despite the obstacles! Are you ready to swing your boat on the river? Have fun!A commando is a military force composed of troops who have been particularly trained to use guerrilla-style shock tactics such as hand-to-hand fighting and hit-and-run assaults. And now as a commando, you have a vital mission to complete! You need to reach the end of the river while eliminating the enemies on your road. If you are ready for it, click on the play button and do your job! To control the boat, you can use your left and right arrow keys and the space bar to shoot them all. You will also face some coins, don't forget to collect them to purchase cooler boats such as water raft, speed boat, hovercrafts, and more! You can also collect powerups including coin magnets, bullets, and bubble shields. There will be also some obstacles that aim to bl
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