Slime Arrows

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Description: In Slime Arrows, the colorful and pixelated world of the slime monster awaits you! Featuring nice pixelated graphics and two different game modes, this fun puzzle platformer game will lock you in front of the screen for hours of fun. Are you ready to accompany the slime monster in this colorful adventure?Open the gates of the slime world and become a part of countless exciting adventures. This world may look easy, but there countless threats lurking around the corners. That's why the slime monster has chosen you, who has amazing hand-eye coordination skills, to help along this adventure. Off you go with the green hero, if you are ready, to discover new lands in the slime world! There are two different game modes you can check out. If you want, you can try the speedrun and try to complete all the levels as quickly as you can or complete all 30 levels at your own pace by clicking on the "start" button. When the character passes over the arrows, click on the s
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