Zik Zak

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Description: With Zik Zak, get ready for a fascinating adventure in which you will be tested for your concentration and speed fingers! This path is all about making Z. That is why you must be fast! If you get too near to the edges, you can fall down! There is nothing and no one who can save you, here. If your finger is on the mouse or the screen now, then let this craZe begins!Zik Zak is inviting you to an endless and thrilling ball rolling adventure. Here, you are expected to move fast and use your concentration. Even the tiniest mistake can cost your ball's life. Luckily, you look like just that kind of player! Your objective is to click or tap just at the correct moment to change the direction of this white ball. When you change, its direction is goes left or right. Follow the path that is made up of lots of Zs and try to go as long as you can to get high points. Once the ball falls down, the game is over. Your points are calculated as the number of moves you make. I
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