Virtual Piano

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Description: With Virtual Piano, practicing piano is so easy even without getting one! This simulation game will allow you to create your own melody with a virtual representation of a digital keyboard and work on your masterpieces. Follow your heart, trust your musical aptitude, and start playing! Enjoy the good music!If you are passionate about music or want to learn playing the piano but never have tried before, this game is so for you. You have all the necessary equipment on one screen to help you out practicing your music skills. On the screen, you will also see two options as show notes to memorize the keys and play by heart or as play with the keyboard to play the piano by following the given keys. You can create your melodies and take notes to remember them for later. If you think you will need an already written composition, you can visit the official website to find out more sheets to guide you. Everyone needs some relaxing time and figure out what they are kee
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