Sugar Heroes

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Description: Sugar Heroes welcomes you to the sweetest candy town ever! But this beautiful candy town needs your help. Something strange is going on with the town. Everywhere is covered with gibberish! What to do now? Help our heroes to complete their mission and save the world by playing this matching puzzle game. Don't forget the future of this candy town is in your hands!You have a big mission to complete. Help sugar heroes save the candy town and make everything turn back to normal. You should match at least three or more elements to take points. In each level, you need to collect the given elements on the board at the top of the screen. Just next to it, you will see your remaining moves, and you can plan your strategy regarding them. As you proceed in the game, you will find out new features to help you collect the necessary elements. Also, you can gain various boosters that you can use at the beginning of the level. Let's not forget about the obstacles! You can fa
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