Space Rush

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Description: In Space Rush, get ready for an adventure high up in the heavens! This space station is full of your trapped friends, and only you can rescue them from their cages! Wear your astronaut gear, and be prepared to run around as you try to tackle all the obstacles!We're not sure if you can see your house from the space station, but it's best to focus your attention on saving your friends! The objective of this game is simple! All you need to do is to save as many friends as you can by traveling as far as you can! You can use your mouse to play this game so click on the play button on the main menu to start. Your character will run on their own, but you should help them with overcoming obstacles. Gaps, vehicles, and many other challenges are waiting for you! Click on the screen to make your character jump. The longer you click, the higher your character will jump. Running past caged friends will save them, and they'll join you. They act as health points, so whene
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