Slingshot Jetpack

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Description: In Slingshot Jetpack, get ready to fly over the city! In this incredibly fun 3D game, you will launch yourself with your slingshot and fly over the city with your jetpack! Be quick! You need to beat your opponents! Have fun!Everyone who dreams of flying has thought of what it would be like to fly over the city once in their life. Are you one of those people? Have you ever dreamed of flying a jet plane over the city? Then your dream will come true today! If you are ready to try, click on the play button to start the game. Your objective in this game is to collect gold coins in the air and reach the end of each level. To launch your character, first, click on the slingshot with your mouse, drag to stretch and hold it to the last possible point, and release when the countdown is over. After the launch, you can control him with your mouse, you have to go through the yellow circles in the air and collect the coins. When you reach the finish line, try to hit the
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