Shaun the Sheep Chick N Spoon

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Description: In Shaun the Sheep Chick N Spoon, it's time for you to join Shaun for an interesting and fun game. Those of you who are familiar with our character already know that this sheep is adventurous and prone to mischief. And lately, he's been bored out of his mind. But luckily, we found this fun game for him. Are you ready to come and play this game with us?Isn't it such a great day? The sun is shining, and the smell of spring is in the air. And poor Shaun is beginning to feel trapped on the farm. Don't you think it's time to go outside and find something fun to do? We already found the answer for you. All you need to do is follow us. Your objective is to collect as many stars as you can and earn a high score. Once you start the game, you can use the space bar or up arrow key to jump and let the egg fly, and collect the stars in the air. In time, the egg will turn into a chick and it will be able to fly longer and collect more stars for you. But be careful! After
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