Shapes Sudoku

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Description: In Shapes Sudoku, it's time to play some classic game! This time with shapes! Sudoku is a timeless game that everyone knows how to play. So now is the time to go back to the old games. Do you think you'll be able to finish this puzzle quickly? Are you ready to bring in a new challenge? Have fun!Do you get tired of solving the same old problems all the time? This game is for you if you said yes! Sudoku is a classic puzzle game that is loved by people of all ages. This challenging game will take you all day to complete. We guarantee that you will be challenged as well as entertained! To start the game, press the play button when you're ready. The aim of this game is to find the numbers that are missing. These numbers must be put into a 9 by 9 grid of squares divided into 3 by 3 boxes, with the numbers 1 through 9 in each row, column, and box. You should be very careful! There should be no repeating numbers in any column, row, or house! Will you be able to get
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