Rocket Punch

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Description: In Rocket Punch, let your fists do all the talking. You've tried talking, you've tried explaining but none of that seems to be working on these guys. There appears to be no other solution. Are you ready to punch your way out of this one?In this fun skill game, peace was never an option. When talking doesn't work, your fists will. As a last resort, our guy is down to punch his way through his rivals. It's time to show them you're the man with the iron fists! Your objective is to punch your rivals and knock them down. However, this isn't going to be one of your ordinary fistfights. Here, your opponents are far far away from you. To punch them, you'll need to click on the screen to connect your fist with a line. Hold the left mouse button to extend the line. You need to move the mouse cursor to change the direction of your fists. Punch through walls, blow up bombs and put an end to their happy dancing. The levels are built like a maze and there are many obstac
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