Railway Runner 3D

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Description: In Railway Runner, a real 3D running adventure is waiting for you! It is quite difficult to be a troublemaker teenager. This teen got himself into trouble and about to get caught by an angry police officer. Help him run away from the officer without hurting himself during the run. There are many obstacles that you should watch out for. So, if you have the guts to complete the mission, start the game already!Even after a busy school day, this teen never stops making trouble and got himself into a crazy situation. He needs to get rid of the police officer chasing him. But the way he needs to pass is full of danger. Big trains, railway signs, and the bothering drone cross his way all the time. Use your keyboard arrows to direct him to safer ways to run. You can use the skateboard by pressing the space button so that he will run faster. Meanwhile, you should collect as many gems as possible to buy new items like a new skateboard or mystery box from the shop. Do
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