Ragdoll Soccer

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Description: Ragdoll Soccer is full of fun and challenges! Are you up for a thrilling soccer experience with ragdolls? Get a friend of yours with you and snatch your ragdolls to see whose ragdoll can survive longer than the other one's! You can also select the 1-player mode and race against time. If you wonder what else you can do in this competition, click on the play button and start the game now!This game is beyond the imagination! The ragdolls are so fragile that you can get stressed even touching the ball. But you must outpace your opponent and complete the targets without any hesitation. Don't worry! Our ragdolls can respawn immediately. They are all stickmen at the end. In this fun sports game, your objective changes based on the game mode you choose. For the 1-player mode, your objective is to complete the goal target per level in a limited time. For the 2-player mode, you are supposed to win the matches by eliminating your opponent. In the 2-player mode, you ha
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