Ragdoll Fall

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Description: In Ragdoll Fall, take control of this bouncy stickman! Since it is made of plastic, this ragdoll can bounce on the ground. But like every other object, it can break apart so easily! You should watch out for the environment, though. You can encounter various obstacles that can harm him. All you need is your mouse and a little bit of focus. If you are ready now, then let the game begin!The worst thing happened to our beloved ragdoll in this adventure. He must reach his destination, but the path is very dangerous. The lands are apart from each other, and they are so high that the ground is invisible. You must help this stickman move safely. Luckily, he is good at jumping and bouncing. What you are going to do is to click or tap on the screen to accelerate down. If he falls, you will lose, and the game is over. Watch out for the sharp saws and spikes too! If you touch any of the saws, you lose again. You can track your score from the top of the game screen. It
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