Merge Fruit

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Description: In Merge Fruit, lots of colorful and tasty fruits are waiting for you to discover them! Make sure you are full before starting the game because this game will make you hungry my friend! You are about to merge so many fruits to create new ones! Are you ready to create some colorful fruits and get the highest score globally? Have fun!Everybody is so excited to see your championship! Because you are a legend and about to merge these amazing fruits! Are you excited about what is waiting for you in this game? Then click on the screen and start the game right away! Your objective in this game is to merge the same fruits and enjoy! When the game is started, you will see one fruit at the top of the screen, click on it and make it drop. Once the fruit falls, another one will appear on the screen. You aim to merge the same ones by trying to make them fall in the same places. You can use your mouse to click on the spot where you want the fruit to fall in. Every pair o
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