Mega City Racing

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Description: In Mega City Racing, you have 10 different sports cars in your garage and the city is waiting for you! Featuring amazing 3D graphics, this game is offering you the most realistic driving experience ever! If you are excited enough to see the game and drive your colorful and cool cars, let's jump into the game! Have fun!Have you ever dreamed of a fancy house full of cool sports cars in its garage? If you did once in your lifetime, this amazing racing game is here to make your dreams come true! So, click on the play button and start the game now! You will have 3 different options to choose from; race mode to race against other players, challenge mode to challenge a friend, and free drive to just relax on your own! You can control your car with WASD keys. If you are playing against a friend, you can use your arrow keys, too. In each racing field, your aim is different! If you are in a race mode, you aim to be the first one at the finish line, if you choose to p
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