Lucky Golden Piggies

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Description: In Lucky Golden Piggies, it's time to merge some piggies! Let's find out what happens when you merge two of the piggy banks! Can you make it to the ultimate golden piggy? Good luck! You will need this!According to a Czech Christmas tradition, youll see flying golden pigs in the sky if you dont eat meat for the whole day! The Piggy Bank, the global symbol for good luck, fertility, and prosperity... This prohibition could be quite difficult for Czechs who are real meat lovers. Since the morning of December 24th, people should not touch a single piece of salami and they expect to see Golden Pig flying in the sky in the evening. Its very common among Czechs. So, in this game, your objective is to merge piggies to be wealthy by clicking and tapping. Your aim is to make it to the ultimate golden piggy. You should click or tap rapidly to fill the grid with piggies. Use your mouse and swipe to merge two of the same piggies on the grid. This will bring about collect
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