LEGO® DC Mighty Micros

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Description:Are you ready to become a real hero and become the guardian of the city? Then, welcome to the game "Lego: Powerful Heroes". Here you can get acquainted with the three great heroes of Lego country. These are three superheroes who have saved not only their hometown, but also the whole planet. Introducing you Batman, Robin and Flash. These brave guys will be your companions in the eternal battle with the villains of the world. It is now you will lead the chase after the thieves. To begin with, choose one of the heroes and go in pursuit of the antagonist. To control the car you need to twist the steering wheel. Then you will turn and maneuver among the obstacles and do not risk to threaten your hero. Steer and deftly dodge bushes, hydrants and other objects. If you collide with them, you will lose speed and can fall behind your opponent. On the way you will come across different items that your hero will shoot at the enemy at a certain interval. at the end of each chase, you will get a bon
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