Kumu's Adventure

Category: HTML5 Games,
Description: Kumu's Adventure is buzzing with excitement! In this extraordinary world where magic and technology coexist, you have serious tasks to complete to find peace again. You need to be real brave to defeat your enemies and save your friends. Your team is preparing for taking an action against other animals and monsters who come against the concord. Will you be able to survive?There is a long and difficult way ahead. You and your team need a vehicle to begin the journey so the first thing to do is to fix the old land vehicle. The objective of this game is to empower your team, saving the friends, improve your pieces of equipment as you pass levels and lastly get ready to attack the enemies! Read the instructions carefully, they will guide you. You can skip the dialogues between characters. At first, you will find yourself in the base camp to produce the necessary tools for the car. The journey will take you to the first battlefield and once you defeat the enemy,
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