Jump Bunny Jump

Category: HTML5 Games,
Description: Jump Bunny Jump! Because this little bunny likes to jump high! Use the catapult and help him jump as high as possible! You are the only one who can make his flying dreams come true! Are you ready to help this bunny and break a record? Have fun and good luck!Rabbits love to jump. It’s how they move, and how they explore the world. And now you need to help this one jump and explore the world! If you are ready for this adventure, let’s jump into the game right away! Your objective in this game is to help him fulfill his dream and jump to infinity. To start the jump, you can use the space key and then the right and left arrow keys to control the movement of the bunny. There are no levels to pass in this game, so your objective is to get the highest score possible. During the jump, don’t forget to collect coins and use various power-ups! If you stop clicking on the arrows, the bunny will fall down, so try not to give up! You can follow your score and the number
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