Janissary Tower

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Description: In Janissary Tower, join the ultimate battle against your friend and take down their tower! You are a janissary in two big empires, and your mission is to defend the tower from the enemy empire in this fun two-player game. The problem is that your friend is not the only enemy of yours, but also you both have a common enemy who sends war machines to the sky to kill you. Good luck! The biggest war of your life is about to come, and you have to defend your land from the tower of the empire. Don't let this mission scare you! Use your keyboard with your friend and get ready to fight against each other. To start the game, select the level first. In small boxes, you will find weapons to fill the tanks and open fire. A machine in the sky will hand down extra weapons to you for later when you are out of bullets. Another common enemy empire of yours is also sending war machines to shoot you both. Watch out for its attacks and wipe that machine out while at the same t
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