Frisbee Forever 2

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Description: In Frisbee Forever 2, join the ultimate frisbee championship with your impeccable throwing skills! Go through hoops, collect the golden stars and complete each challenging level's objectives. Do you think you have what it takes to become the ultimate frisbee-thrower?Frisbees are always a fun option for a great day in the park. It doesn't take long for someone to master the real version of this game, true. But this experience will take you to another level because you aren't just gonna throw the frisbee to your friend. You have to make sure this frisbee passes through the obstacles and collects the stars along the way. To play, you only need your mouse. But if you like, you change your game controls to your keyboard. Just flick the frisbee to give it a start then guide it with your mouse or arrow keys. You must make sure it passes through the hoops and escapes any danger waiting for it. Animals, bombs, sawblades and more await your frisbee. Don't worry if yo
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