Dr. Panda Farm

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Description: In Dr. Panda Farm, it is time to run the whole farm with Dr. Panda! There is a lot of work to do on this farm! Someone has to help Dr. Panda, he can't handle all this alone! Would you like to volunteer to work on the farm today? Have fun!After he ran a restaurant, managed a daycare, and worked at the airport, Dr. Panda has decided to buy a farm and ranch it on his own. He of course has some employees working for him, but today you can also get involved in this business! Have you ever wondered how a day was on the farm? Here is your opportunity! Put on your overalls, get to work, and experience what a day on the farm goes like! Dr. Panda needs to be aware of everything on the farm, so he spends the whole day running things. You will accompany him in this game today! You can start anywhere you wish; you will learn everything about being a farmer! Let's start with making bread from wheat, first, you need to plant the seeds, they grow up, you need to pick them
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