City Bike Stunt 2

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Description: City Bike Stunt 2 is here now with lots of thrill and new moves to be discovered! Keep calm and hit the road! This is no game for cowards but for the players to take some risks in their hands. They'll say stay safe but maybe you'll be riding for your end all the way through the finish line. Now, drop the gear and disappear!Get your hands and feet ready because we are gonna ride so hard! No matter you are a lonesome biker who loves letting their freedom flows in the air as the dust increase throws the paths or an adventurous biker who likes someone to accompany them to make the journey unforgettable. You can challenge yourself with single-player mode or grab a friend to rise against with two-player mode! Whichever you choose, come and test your skills in the free-riding area before jump into the racing. Select the best fitting bike for your taste and wear your helmet because 6 challenging races are waiting for you. Can you reach the finish line safe and soun
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