Car Girl Garage

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Description: In Car Girl Garage, join Miriam as she tries to reopen the garage she inherited from her grandfather. The building is abandoned, and she needs your help to get back on the business. Can you show the city that you're the best mechanics around?Whether it's a flat tire or the oil needs a change, everyone in the city will visit you to get their car fixed. Your objective in this game is to repair all the cars, keep your customers happy, and fill your garage! You can play the game with your mouse, so let's begin. In the beginning, Miriam will greet you, so introduce yourself to her by entering your name. The garage is in terrible condition with dust and grime everywhere, but nothing you can't handle. When a customer arrives, they'll tell you the problem with their vehicle. Then, you should find the correct tools to start working. Look at the silhouettes of the tools, and try to find the correct ones. To repair the car, follow the instructions on the screen. Somet
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