Blob Runner 3D

Category: HTML5 Games,
Description: In Blob Runner 3D, you're this colorful blob's only hope! It is trying to find its way out of this endless maze. There are so many obstacles that it seems nearly impossible to reach the finishing spot. What if it gets stuck here and not be able to collect all the points? It is not even an option! Since you are here now, let's click on the play button and help this bubbly blob out!Get ready to jump into an amazing 3D running adventure this time! You are controlling a giant blob that can get very tiny. Since this game is one of the most popular parkour games of the year, you can enjoy it all free and online at our platform! Your objective is to reach the finish line by avoiding the obstacles and collecting the slimes. It is not gonna be so easy, though! If you hit any of these obstacles, your blob can get so small that it can disappear! Control your character by dragging or swiping your finger. If you fail, you can wait for a little to gain energy again. Try
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