Billiard and Golf

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Description: Billiard and Golf invites you to test your targeting skills with utmost fun! As you can understand from its name, this game is somewhere between golf and billiard. So, you can enjoy both sports under only one title! The best part is that it never bores or tires your hands since it includes multiple mini levels. If you want to discover what else this game is providing you, then click on the play button and let it started!Are you ready to show off your sports skills? You can enjoy this fun skill game both on your mobile and your computer to spend quality time. The concept is the combination of golf and billiard. It is very to play but highly difficult to master this game. Your objective is to put the ball into the hole as it is in golf and billiards too. You have only one shot here, though. You should plan your move carefully and take your time. Use your mouse, click on the ball and drag the mouse to the contrary direction where you want the ball to go. If yo
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